Chagas disease kills more people than malaria in Latin America, yet receives little attention or funding. This neglect has been particularly stark in Colombia's conflict-afflicted regions - but a new model of healthcare is setting out to change that.
The country has the world's largest number of multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis cases - but doctors and activists warn patients are going undiagnosed and untreated.
Cities once fought disease by improving air flow and access to sunlight. Those early public-health interventions are increasingly relevant today.
Bangladesh has a world-leading system to protect people from disasters, including through an army of female volunteers to better support women. What can other countries learn from it?
Soaring temperatures can lead to more preterm and stillbirths. But experts say awareness of the risk of heat during pregnancy is low, with more research needed into impacts on the world's most vulnerable women.
Scientists fear antimicrobial residues from factories in India have the potential to spark a new health crisis with drug-resistant bacteria
Before COVID-19, men made up the majority of notified cases of tuberculosis in Mumbai. But data show a sharp reversal of those trends over the past two years — with notified cases of tuberculosis in female patients overtaking those of men in the city.